About Us

Founded more than half a century ago, WUXI POWER ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. is a manufacturer of high performance and high-speed diesel engines. With power ranging from 56-2660kW, we produce a wide range of engines suitable for any of your application needs. These engines are particularly suited for various operations in power stations, fire protection setups, drilling facilities, and many other applications. Various components of our high performance engines are supplied by trusted manufacturers while the key engine bodies are produced in our factory, giving us greater control over their end performance.

High-speed Diesel Engines
    1. General Purpose
    2. Petroleum Industry

      WD diesel engines were purchased and installed in the 600kw natural gas units of the CNPC oil field project in 2016.

    1. Real Estate
    2. Real Estate

      Wandi diesel engines have been applied in numerous real estate projects throughout China and around the world.